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Disrupting the competition with a brand crafted for growth


Client: Oilflow for Cashflow


Project: Oilflow for Cashflow


Agency: © Emberson 


The brief was to create an impactful brand that embodies the true spirit of Texan oil exploration demonstrating top-notch engineering prowess in a confident and inspiring way.


The outcome was a fresh and contemporary brand that separated Oilflo from the competition defining it as a disruptive startup brand.

Image of Oilflo for cashflow branding on brown
Image of Oilflo logo in the field on a helmet
Image of Oilflo stationery on white background
Image on Oilflo logo on various colours
Image of Oilflo typeface selection for branding
Image of Oilflo branding colours with Pantone references
Image of Oilflo logos on jackets
Image of Oilflo logo design on building
Image of Oilflo for Cashflow branding over nodding donkey image

for cash flow


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