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Make your brand rock with a few simple brand principles.

Updated: Feb 10

As a marketeer have you ever found yourself starring at a sheet of logo concepts and thought is this the proposed brand? Or similarly, you’re a creative designer that’s asked to design a new brand or corporate identity – and you dive straight into designing the logo without really understanding that the logo on its own isn’t the brand.

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Basic Branding Principles by Source Creative Services

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The logo is King

What is a brand or corporate identity? Well, a brand is much more than just a pretty logo that sits above the navigation bar on a flashy modular website or a set of fancy pants stationery or wow business cards. You’d be amazed at how many marketers, marketing managers, so-called creative directors, graphic designers, business owners, CEO’s and C suite individuals think it is.

Think of it like this, a brand is a castle and within that castle, you have the brand components. The Queen, a Prince, a Princess, the Royal servants, household guards and its the loyal subjects… and of course the King of the castle (the logo). All of these elements combined make the Kingdom.

What’s the story?

One of the most important component parts of a brand is its story, the narrative which spells out who you are and what you stand for. The next is the mission and vision statement which should be aligned to the company’s core business strategy and objectives. All of the above should be spelled out in written form (Read The Importance of a Rationale, click here) before attempting to design your way out of the problem in the hope you’ll find the solution.

The story is a powerfully emotive piece that resonates and connects. Think Guinness The Surfer Advert which is an integrated advertising campaign launched in 1999 by Diageo to promote Guinness-brand draught stout in the United Kingdom. The advert was inspired by Walter Crane's 1893 painting "Neptune's Horses". Ok, I know, this is an advertising campaign but this memorable advert emphasis the point that the logo is not always sat front and centre and in this instance, it is way down the hierarchy and comes last. Below are a few basic core principles that contribute towards a successful brand and a few basic principles around effective logo design.

10 Core principles of a brand

• Mission

• Vision

• Clearly defined values

• Clearly defined focus

• Know its objectives

• Knows its core audience

• Strong logo

• Consistent tone of voice

• Internal and external cultural agenda

5 core principles to an effective logo

• Simple

• Memorable

• Timeless

• Versatile

• Appropriate

Rise above the noise

In today’s digital world you can buy a logo for £5 off the shelf like it’s a cheap bottle of wine. The primary issue, a bit like stock photography is everyone has access to the same logo, so you end up looking like everyone else. Also as previously mentioned the logo isn’t the brand and without holding a branding workshop session how can you begin to personify a business or organisation without first understanding its business objectives. In today's crowded world it’s become even more important to stand out and have cut-through to rise above the noise.

In essence, there’s no substitute, rule or methodology for raw graphic design or creative talent and a good old-fashioned face-to-face branding workshop. With that in mind, there are a few basic principles that can be applied to ensure you achieve a commercially viable and most importantly a professional logo design.

• KISS (keep it simple stupid)

• Symmetry

• Balance

• Make it novel

• Keep it contemporary

• Choose your colours wisely

• Carefully select a font

• Have a Mission

• Set out the Vision

• Clearly defined values

• Clearly defined focus

• Know its objectives

• Knows its core audience

• Strong logo

• A consistent tone of voice

• Internal and external cultural agenda

Get in touch

If you'd like a 'posh' brand then reach out and give us a call. At Source, we have that BIG creative agency thinking minus the egos. We have a wealth of experience in Creative Ideation, Branding, Graphic Design, Websites, Digital and Print Design. We are versatile, adept and more importantly, we listen.

If you would like to take your creativity to the next level then give Source a call.

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