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How we created, design and delivered a healthcare technology brand.

Updated: Jan 16

Back in the summer, Source was invited to work with Qubit to create a fresh new brand that aligned with their ambitions to improve patient care. The brief was to produce a contemporary brand that would elevate them to the next level. The design needed to look professional, human and shout 'tech'.

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Understanding Qubit

Qubit Health was formed on 18 July 2017 by Daniel Lynagh and Karina Malhotra. The Qubit App is the brainchild of Dan who spotted a gap in the market with a truly unique product. The software takes elective care management to the next level through automation and smart algorithms; in essence, machine learning technology.

Quicker than humans the software interprets patient data and extrapolates key information. The non labour intensive solution improves the quality of data making it more effective for decision making. Accurate and comprehensive patient records help Trusts manage equitably, reducing lost data or delays. The result is improved patient pathways in order of urgency freeing up staff for more valuable tasks.

The product has been trialled over a 2 year period at Imperial College London where it has been put through a rigorous testing program with the main aim of helping the hospital achieve its targets.

The opportunity

The primary short term objective of Qubit is to aid the COVID-19 recovery phase. All Trusts are held to account on performance levels and waiting times. Due to COVID-19, this challenge coupled with the political and economic backdrop will increase the demands and pressure already put on a strained system. With that in mind, there has never been a greater need than now for Qubit’s forward-thinking software solutions.

The main sector focus is the acute care and secondary care sector with the view to eventually roll out across the UK in the long-term. The strategy for growth has yet to be decided. However, with 288 Trust across the country, the opportunity is huge. Bringing a small section of these hospital admin systems in-line with the 4.0 revolution (NHS Integration Strategy) will improve patient outcomes and reduce pressure on the NHS.

Source has been challenged to produce a ‘brand’ that’s slick and sharp. The brand will need to convince the risk-averse and skeptics within Trusts, NHS E.I., and CCG’s that Qubit has credibility and is truly a game-changer at all levels.

Chemistry e-meet

Following the initial request from Acumentice to brand Qubit, several telephone conversations and a round of email exchanges took place and a chemistry meeting was arranged via Zoom. It was advised that all key stakeholders were involved at the outset. A discussion around requirements and expectations took place. It was important to establish at this stage if Qubit needed to fit within the Acumentice brand or standalone as a brand.

Brand workshop

We held a branding workshop session based on a set agenda to get the best from the session. The idea was to understand Qubit's background and their ambitions – in essence we wanted to understand more about their business, the competitive landscape and their brand personality. All key stakeholders were present for the virtual workshop and it was a great opportunity for them to thrash out and have input at the start of the branding process. This session was a valuable process and allowed to better understand the brand and how it needed to differentiate itself from Acumentice.

Branding deck

The workshop session was then distilled down into the brand deck. This encompassed their mission, vision, brand personality and core solutions. The brand deck focused on their competitor landscapes, brand strengths & weaknesses, ambitions, why Qubit and more importantly focus on their target customer profile. This document went on to form the foundations of the design process which encompassed the logo design, stylescape and strap-line ideation.

Image of Qubit brand pyramid
Qubit brand pyramid by Source Studio


Source used stylescapes to bring together the brand DNA into one designed piece which allowed the client to see the brand holistically rather than a logo or business card in isolation. The disadvantage for the agency is this was more work upfront but the advantage is it solves design issues further down the line. It also eradicates debate and surprises at the guidelines and tool kit phases of the branding process.


Once the branding deck was signed off Source moved to complete the brand guidelines. We produced a set of 'light' guidelines covering logo usage, colour palette through to font usage and collateral look and feel.

Brand toolkit

To accompany the guidelines and branding deck we produced a brand tool kit. This consisted of stationary (business card, letterhead, compliment slip and continuation sheet), a powerpoint template and logo variations to use across all applications. An essential tool kit that allows the customer to showcase their brand visually in a professional way.

Creating a brand for all-round growth

The end result was a new brand fit for purpose. The creative thinking elevated Qubit to the next level as a key player within their sector. The credibility and professional look coupled with tone of voice and imagery will support them in their expansion plans for years to come as a trusted supplier to the medical sector.

At Source, we have that BIG creative agency thinking minus the egos. We have a wealth of experience in Creative Ideation, Branding, Graphic Design, Websites, Digital, and Print Design. We are versatile, adept, agile, and more importantly, we listen.

If you would like to take your creativity to the next level then give Source a call.

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